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Washington, District of Columbia, United States

I'm Michelle Minton, the Competitive Enterprise Institute's fellow specializing in consumer policy. Affectionately given the title "Director of Sindustry Studies," I write about government regulations on food, alcohol, gambling and sometimes adult entertainment.

My goal in life is to understand the facts of complex situations and communicate them in a way that everyone can understand. I write scholarly papers, articles for major news outlets, and sometimes snark-filled blogs. I also speak on the radio, television, give talks, and engage with lawmakers on my areas of expertise.

I have a foul mouth that I can usually control, a passion for defending the undefended, and a need to tell stories.

While I am partial to Austrian economic theory and believe the world could be improved by a greater understanding of basic economics, I strive to always look beyond my own views, to engage with people who disagree with me, and to tell all sides of the story.

In my free time, I enjoy playing poker, watching and discussing movies, and studying the art and history of beer-making.