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This is the documentation page for Module:Information

Module providing back-end for {{Information}} template.


Code Render
Test simple case:

|description    = description
|date           = 2021-12-02
|source         = {{own}}
|author         = author
|permission     = permission     
|other versions = <gallery>File:Image-x-generic - black.svg</gallery>
⧼wm-license-information-description⧽ description
⧼wm-license-information-date⧽ 2 December 2021
⧼wm-license-information-source⧽ own
⧼wm-license-information-author⧽ author
Test case with missing source, author and description:

|description    = 
|date           = 2021-12-02   
|source         = 
|author         = 
⧼wm-license-information-date⧽ 2 December 2021
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