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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Tracked in/doc

-- Utility functions for {{Tracked in}}, which is a template that displays a link to open source software bug reports and feature requests on Wikipedia talk pages.

local p = {}

-- {{#invoke:Tracked in|getDomain|{{{1|}}}}}
function p.getDomain(frame)
    local url = frame.args[1]
    local domain = string.gsub(url, "www%.", "")
    domain = string.match(domain, 'https?:%/%/(.-)%/.*$')
    return domain

-- {{#invoke:Tracked in|getIssueNumber|{{{1|}}}}}
function p.getIssueNumber(frame)
    local url = frame.args[1]
    local issueNumber = string.match(url, '(%d+)/?$')
    if tonumber(issueNumber) == nil then
        return "ERROR: Issue number not found"
        return "Issue #" .. issueNumber -- add a # sign in front of the number. can't use #, that creates a numbered list

return p