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Ready to quit using nicotine? Let's explore the various options for different modes of using nicotine.

Smokeless Tobacco

Smoking - Behavior Therapy - Cessation Services

Smoking - Cold Turkey

Smoking - Comparing Methods

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Smoking - NRT

Smoking - Pharmacueticals

Vaping - All Methods of Cessation Until More Data on Methods is Available

2023: Supporting clients who want to stop vaping

  • When supporting clients who want to stop vaping, our priority should always be to ensure that clients who stop vaping do not return to smoking cigarettes. NICE recommends that people should use vapes for as long as they help prevent them going back to smoking.
  • As such, it is important to assess why clients want to stop vaping and their risk of relapse, and to plan and prepare appropriately to stop vaping either gradually or in one step.
  • When working with clients who want to stop vaping, it can be useful to organise support using the Ask, Advise, Act model.

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Myth: Alternative nicotine products don't help people stop smoking