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HiLIQ emerged from the time where the ever-growing E-Cigarette industry needs top-notch quality E-liquids with an honest price. HiLIQ is a direct and professional supplier offering all around services on all your E-Liquid needs. Aside from its promise to offer you the best quality E-liquid supplies, it assure you of saving as high as 50% from further payments you give easily to wrong suppliers who put tremendous extra pricing and hidden third (3rd) party charges on every bottle, making you to pay a premium price. At HiLIQ you don’t need to pay a premium price for a premium E-Liquids. We are on a mission to give you the highest kind of E-Liquids you and your customer deserves. Our prices are sure to rock your business and our end products are sure to amaze your high sense of taste. Sealed with the quality you can definitely depend, prices you can always approve and a clientele services you can continually count on, HiLIQ is the brand to trust. HiLIQ Co., Limited. Address: Rm. 19C,Lockhart Ctr., 301-307 Lockhart Rd. ,Wan Chai,Hong Kong


Everything Nicotine

Zanoprima Lifesciences

Zanoprima Lifesciences Ltd, UK, has several patented innovations around synthetic (S)-Nicotine and its applications

Zanoprima Lifesciences is a UK-based company which was founded in 2014 by leading professionals and scientists from pharma and life sciences sectors.

We have created high purity synthetic (S)-Nicotine without the use of tobacco, thereby enabling development of safer and healthier options for over a billion tobacco users.

Our suite of patented game-changing innovations around synthetic (S)-Nicotine and its applications facilitate the movement towards a tobacco-free world.

Nicotine UK

Nicotine Produced in the UK.

We supply only the purest "UK Manufactured" Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine"

The highest quality pharmaceutical grade Nicotine available on the market.

All Nicotine products are withdrawn from deep refrigeration on the day of dispatch, ensuring you receive the freshest possible product

Air, Light and Heat will degrade and oxidise Nicotine, for best results please store below 0 °C, away from direct sunlight, with minimal exposure to air.