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2021 Blog: Can Nicotine Pouches Alleviate Harm Reduction Hurdles in Emerging Markets?

  • Compares cost in various countries to other forms of tobacco Harm Reduction Products.
  • There is a significant role for nicotine pouches in tobacco harm reduction in Emerging Markets, particularly in countries where oral tobacco use is prevalent.
  • In theory, regulators should look more favourably on the category, but this has not proven to be the case. In part, the industry needs to take a more proactive approach and engage with regulators and local stakeholders, where appropriate, before launching new products.
  • Nicotine pouches don't require consumers to buy often prohibitively expensive devices. Still, relatively high current production costs make it challenging to earn the returns needed to facilitate meaningful investment in many developing countries. Over time, this could be addressed by a combination of appropriate excise-tax regimes and reduced input costs.

2020: Initial Information on a Novel Nicotine Product

  • Nonusers of tobacco had very little interest in ZYN. Smokeless tobacco users are not only more interested and likely to buy ZYN than other tobacco users, they were the largest group of regular users.
  • The first assessment of a new nicotine product, ZYN, suggests that current and former tobacco users may perceive ZYN as a reduced‐risk product. ZYN potentially could be used as a smoking/tobacco‐cessation aid based on reasons of current users.
  • PDF Version
  • Citation: Plurphanswat, N., Hughes, J. R., Fagerström, K., & Rodu, B. (2020). Initial Information on a Novel Nicotine Product. The American Journal on Addictions. doi:10.1111/ajad.13020
  • Brad Rodu’s Blog: First Study of ZYN, A Novel Consumer Nicotine Product


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