Norsk Dampselskap

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Norsk Dampselskap is the association for Norwegian steamers. Our goal is to spread factual knowledge about steaming. We have an age limit of 18 years.

Norsk Dampselskap is a user organization without financial interests in the industry.

We assist heavy smokers who want to quit smoking with advice on safety, use, objective research based on peer help and volunteering, and work for harm reduction and better health for people who are unable to stop smoking in any other way. We promote the cause of steam as a harm reduction alternative and a stimulant that therefore works to stop smoking.

Our function as an organization is to be the one that is most up-to-date on e-cigarettes / steam in Norway in order to function as an advisory community when needed. In connection with the development of new legislation, we are a consultative body and have participated advisory in writing and orally throughout the process.