Recurring events

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 |property=has date          
 |Has page=Recurring events
 |Has text=Simple recurring events text
 |start=June 8, 2010                                     
 |include=March 16, 2010;March 23, 2010|+sep=;
 |exclude=March 15, 2010;March 22, 2010|+sep=;

Example query

{{#ask: [[Has page::Recurring events]]
 |?Has date
 Has date
Recurring events17 June 2010
Recurring events18 June 2010
Recurring events16 June 2010
Recurring events15 June 2010
Recurring events14 June 2010
... further results

In case the format=eventcalendar is available then the results will be as displayed as calendar otherwise a simple table is used.

{{#ask: [[Has page::Recurring events]]
 |?Has text
 |?Has date