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Text Simple descriptive explanatory text property.

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Used for the most common kinds of URLs, URNs, and URIs. It accepts almost any string and interprets it as a URL.  +
A variant of datatype URL. It is used in cases where a URL property needs to be exported as an owl:AnnotationProperty  +
Used for property values that describe quantities, in particular physical quantities such as time or distance.  +
Attribute that can only have two possible values ("true" or "false", also 1/0, yes/no, t/f, and y/n).  +
Used for data values that represent points in time.  +
Simple descriptive explanatory text property.  +
Used for simple e-mail addresses.  +
Used for property values that contain any kind of number, integer, decimal, and floating point numbers.  +
Used for properties whose value is a page in the wiki. These display as a link and may not be longer than 255 characters.  +
Used for property values that consist of a short list of values of other datatypes where individual value are separated with semicolons (;).  +
Used in combination with a special property to limit allowed values for this property.  +
Used for international telephone numbers that are to be stored in a standardized format.  +
Used for temperature values. Unlike other physical quantities, temperature is specified as special quantity type.  +
Used to store strings of arbitrary length.  +
Used for quantity property values that are displayed in kW but in support for several units.  +