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  • Why should I follow your advice?

    • The behaviour change techniques we've put into the app come from UK and US government guidelines about the best way to help people stop smoking. These guidelines have been developed over many years and contain the advice that experts in these countries (and around the world) have found to help the most people. We regularly review the scientific evidence for updated guidance to make sure nothing has changed. These reviews happen four times a year, at the very least.

  • Why are we charging?
    • A version of Smoke Free will always be free to use. This version will be at least as good as the other free apps available. And we’ll keep improving it.
    • We’ll use the free app to learn what techniques help people stop smoking. You don’t have to take part in these experiments and can use the app fully and for free if you opt-out. If you take part, fantastic, that will make our evidence stronger and we'll publish this evidence so others can benefit. This means that just by using the app you’ll be helping more people quit smoking.
    • When we find what works we’ll put that into a version of the app that people can pay for if they want. The money we raise will go into improving Smoke Free and creating other apps that help people change their behaviour.
    • You don’t have to pay for Smoke Free. Our free app will contain the same features the other free apps do, plus it will be beautifully designed and a joy to use. But if you need more help you can pay a small sum for something that we can say with confidence is effective. And you’ll be helping us build the best damn behaviour change company in the world.