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I’m Stefan Didak, vapor products advocate and owner of the world’s most famous home office Specialized Profession


Many have known me for years because of my “world famous home office” while many others know me for my involvement in vaping advocacy. A path I accidentally got started on, now almost a year ago, when the town I live in wanted to restrict the use of e-cigarettes by making claims that they contain anti-freeze.

I moved on to organize the opposition to California state bills AB1500 and SB648 and in the process ended up also uniting and organizing the businesses to step up to the plate for themselves and their customers. These activities led to me being asked to take up the co-presidency of the Northern California Chapter of SFATA. You will often find me in the political arena together with my non-vaping and never-smoking wife. :-)

In recent months this has evolved into a 12 hour a day effort and since the start of 2015 it has been closer to 18 hours a day now that California has become a battleground for bad legislation and assaults on vapor products and its users through massive PR campaigns to influence public opinion against us all. It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that I am always encouraging others to take a stand, step up to the plate, and be a part of the fight for access to vapor products and continued growth and success of the industry.

Conflict of interest disclosure: None. Since I started on the path of e-cig advocacy I have not taken a single penny from the vapor products industry (or any big tobacco company). The efforts I engage in through and for SFATA are voluntary.