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By {{Chembox}} and {{Drugbox}} settings, a bot checks articles for parameter validation. The bot then adds and sets templates like {{cascite}} to the article. Depending on the template settings, articles are categorized for maintenance.


A template is added and set by User:CheMoBot automatically after certain edits. Depending on the earlier data checks, the template will be marked "correct" or "changed" (i.e., to be checked). 'changed' articles are categorized.

For example, when parameter |CASNo= is changed in the article, the bot sets |CASNo_Ref={{cascite|changed|??}} initially. See WP:CHEMVALID.

template Verified fields (parameter) Category 'changed' default
{{cascite}} CASNo=
changed CAS number CAS Yes Yes usage
{{ebicite}} ChEBI=, |ChEMBL= changed EBI identifier EBI Yes Yes usage
{{chemspidercite}} ChemSpiderID= changed ChemSpider identifier ChemSpider Yes Yes usage
{{drugbankcite}} DrugBank= changed DrugBank identifier DrugBank Yes Yes usage
{{keggcite}} KEGG= changed KEGG identifier KEGG Yes Yes usage
{{stdinchicite}} StdInChI=, |StdInChIKey=,
|InChIKey=, |InChI=
changed InChI identifier ChemSpider Yes Yes usage
{{fdacite}} UNII= changed FDA identifier FDA Yes Yes usage
{{chemboximage}} ImageFile[L/R]= changed Chembox image file (none) No usage
{{drugboximage}} not existing, not used (none) No
Added by the bot (_Ref=cite templates)

The bot-template is added as input for a purpose-added parameter:

|CASNo=1234-56-7 (editors input)
|CASNo_Ref={{cascite|...|...}} (bot parameter added + template set)

Initially the parameters are set {{cascite|changed|??}}

The primary parameter can have an index (see its documentation):


Indexed parameters like |CASNo1= and |CASNo2= are verified too, and are treated independently. So an article can have: |CASNo={{cascite|correct|CAS}} and |CASNo3={{cascite|changed}}.

Data 'correct' or 'changed' (parameter #1)

The first parameter is either correct checkY or changed ☒N always: {{cascite|correct|CAS}}. Cross-marked articles are categorized as 'changed'. With any other text like monkey ☒N, again the cross is shown and the article is categorized, now sorted under "?".

Correct by source (parameter #2)

Initially, the bot sets this to |?? (='source unknown'). Parameter #2 has the source that confirms the statement. By confirmation, the parameter can mention the confirming source. When that source is not the standard (as listed above), the input source is mentioned in a superscript linked:

|CASNo_Ref={{cascite|correct|CDC85}} → 1234-56-7 checkY[CDC85]

This source name is case-insensitive: CAS=cas.

Known issues (February 2015)
  • {{chemboximage}} is applied by the bot, but not read by the template (article won't show up in the category).


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


Extended content

Gives details of source verification, automatically generated by CheMoBot, should not be edited manually.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.


Either 'correct' or 'changed'


Source used to verify reference or ?? for no source


See also


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