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  • interviewer-last: Surname of a single interviewer. Do not wikilink—use interviewer-link instead. For interviewers for whom only one name is listed by the source, use interviewer or one of its aliases (e.g. |interviewer=Bono). Aliases: interviewer-last1, interviewer1-last, interviewer-surname, interviewer-surname1, interviewer1-surname, interviewer, interviewer1.
    • interviewer-first: Given or first names of interviewer; for example: Firstname Middlename or Firstname M. or Firstname M., Sr. Do not wikilink—use interviewer-link instead. Aliases: interviewer-first1, interviewer1-first, interviewer-given, interviewer-given1, interviewer1-given. Requires interviewer-last; interviewer first name will not display if interviewer-last is empty.
    • interviewer: this parameter is used to hold the complete name of a single interviewer (first and last). This parameter should never hold the names of more than one interviewer.
    • For multiple interviewers, use interviewer-last1, interviewer-first1 through interviewer-lastn, interviewer-firstn, where n is any consecutive number for an unlimited number of interviewer- (each interviewer-firstn requires a corresponding interviewer-lastn, but not the other way around). See the display parameters to change how many interviewers are displayed. Aliases of interviewer-last1 through interviewer-lastn: interviewer1 through interviewern. For an individual interviewer plus an interviewer with a single name, you can use |interviewer-first1=... |interviewer-last1=... |interviewer2=....