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  • page: Page in the source that supports the content; overridden by at.
  • OR: pages: Pages in the source that supports the content; separate page ranges with an en dash (–); separate non-sequential pages with a comma (,); do not use to indicate the total number of pages in the source.
  • inset: The name of the focused inset referenced; example: Downtown Fooburg. Output appends "inset" after the input, |inset=Downtown Fooburg becomes "Downtown Fooburg inset."; overridden by at.
  • section: The map section(s) of the feature referenced; example: A6, B9, L11, etc; overridden by at.
  • at: For sources where a single set of the above parameters is inappropriate or insufficient to describe the in-source location(s).
Examples: page (p.) or pages (pp.); inset(s); section (§) or sections (§§); other custom location on the map or in the atlas.