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What's new or changed recently
Parameter Description Date
author-given= author-first= October 2020
author-surname= author-last= October 2020
display-subjects= display-authors= for usage with |subject= October 2020
interviewer-given= interviewer-first= October 2020
interviewer-surname= interviewer-last= October 2020
orig-date= orig-year= October 2020
quote-page= quote= October 2020
quote-pages= quote= October 2020
sbn= added identifier parameter for Standard Book Numbers April 2020
script-quote= quote= October 2020
subject-mask= author-mask= for usage with |subject= October 2020
s2cid= added identifier parameter for Semantic Scholar corpus ID April 2020
s2cid-access= s2cid= April 2020
title-link= added special tokens none/doi/pmc to override/disable auto-linking ({{cite journal}} only) October 2020
trans-quote= quote= October 2020
accept-this-as-written-markup doi=, |eissn=, |isbn=, |issn=, |sbn= October 2020