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{{Days since}} shows the years/days (or months/days) since a specific date.


This template is a facade for {{Time ago}} which invokes that template to specifically return an integer of the amount of days since a given timestamp. {{Time ago}} is a larger template, with many more options, that can be used for more customized output.

There are two ways to use this template:

  • With three parameters YYYY-MM-DD: {{Days since|2024|06|13}}
  • With one parameter. If this is done, the date MUST be formatted in one of these four ways:
    • 03 Dec 1969
    • 03 December 1969
    • 3 Dec 1969
    • 3 December 1969

Using this template with a single parameter is identical to using {{Time ago|03 Dec 1969|magnitude=days|ago=|numeric=y}}.

{{Days since|1 Jan 2024}} produces: 200

{{Days since|2024|06|13}} produces: 0

{{Days since|31 December 1969}} produces: 19924

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