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This template is intended to be used by other templates. It returns a "1" if the current time, as interpreted by {{#time: {{{format string|U}}} }} exactly matches any of the supplied times in the parameters |at1=, |at2=, and so on. Otherwise it returns a "0".

This is useful for recurring events, such as holidays, hours of the day, etc.

  • |format string=U Format string to pass to {{#time:}}.
  • |at1=, |at2=, etc. - strings to match
  • |debug= - If set, then |format string= is printed. For debugging.
Common format string parameter values. See mw:Help:Extension:ParserFunctions#.23time for further information.
  • |format string=M - 2-digit month of year. Returns 01 during January
  • |format string=d - 2-digit day of month. Returns 01 on the 1st day of the month.
  • |format string=w - Day of week. Returns 0 on Sunday
  • |format string=M-d - 2-digit month, hyphen, 2-digit day. Returns 01-01 on January 1.
  • |format string=xmn - Month as a number (Islamic calendar). Returns 1 during Muharram.
  • |format string=xjn - Month as number (Hebrew calendar). Returns 1 during Nisan.
  • |format string=H - Hour of the day (UTC).
  • |format string= Defaults to U, which is "seconds since January 1 1970 00:00:00 UTC." This default is deliberately not useful to discourage the use of this template without specifying a format string.
Recommended uses
  • Displaying messages that only appear on certain, possibly non-consecutive days of the week, month, or year.
  • Displaying messages that only appear during certain, possibly non-consecutive hours of the day.
Demonstration (purge this page to update the result)
  • Display whether it is the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or a weekday (Monday through Friday) in the United States:
    {{#ifeq: {{Is now|format string=w|at1=0|at2=7}}|1|Enjoy the weekend|Another day, another dollar.}}
    Another day, another dollar.

  • The "switch" from 0 to 1 happens only when the page this template is used on is updated or purged. If a page includes a template which calls this template, it is the page the reader sees, not the template which calls this template, which must be purged or updated.
  • There is a hard-coded limit of 31 |atN= parameters, but this can be extended at any time.
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