The Future of the Tobacco Industry ("End Game")

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2015: Are we in the endgame for smoking?

Journals - Editorials, Commentaries

2023: Can tobacco use end in Europe?

2023: The Compassion Club: A new proposal for transformation of tobacco retail

Journals - Topic Specific Special Editions

Tobacco Control

2013: The Tobacco Endgame

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Multi-years - collection: Centre of Research Excellence on Achieving the Tobacco Endgame

Collection from ASH Scotland: Tobacco endgames

Yearly: The Tobacco Transformation Index

2023: Gamechanger: Shifting from Tobacco Control to Ending the Industry’s Influence for Good

2023: How the tobacco industry can accelerate transformation

2023: Karl Fagerström: ‘A tobacco-free society is a realistic goal, but a nicotine-free society is difficult’

2022: Prohibition no, abolition yes! Rethinking how we talk about ending the cigarette epidemic

2022: Evaluating tobacco industry ‘transformation’: a proposed rubric and analysis

2021: E-Cigarettes, Harm Reduction, and Tobacco Control

2020: The Future of Tobacco


2019: The Future of Nicotine Regulation: Key Questions and Challenges

2018: Impact of five tobacco endgame strategies on future smoking prevalence, population health and health system costs: two modelling studies to inform the tobacco endgame

2016: The tobacco endgame: a qualitative review and synthesis

2016: Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction

2015: A critique of policy proposals aimed at ending tobacco use

2015: Endgame: the Islamic State approach to tobacco control

2013: Et tu, Ken Warner? (and some musings about “endgame”)

2010: Imagining things otherwise: new endgame ideas for tobacco control

2005: Transforming the tobacco market: why the supply of cigarettes should be transferred from for-profit corporations to non-profit enterprises with a public health mandate

2004: Out of the Ashes: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of the “Safer” Cigarette in the United States

2000: What is the future for the tobacco industry?

1997: The Emerging Market for Long-term Nicotine Maintenance

1994: Establishing a Nicotine Threshold for Addiction -- The Implications for Tobacco Regulation

1991: The future of nicotine replacement