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  • In this population-based cohort study of 5105 participants, current exclusive e-cigarette users had greater concentrations of biomarkers of nicotine, tobacco-specific nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, and metals compared with never tobacco users. However, these concentrations were lower than those observed in current exclusive cigarette smokers and dual users of both products.
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  • Citation: Goniewicz ML, Smith DM, Edwards KC, Blount BC, Caldwell KL, Feng J, Wang L, Christensen C, Ambrose B, Borek N, van Bemmel D, Konkel K, Erives G, Stanton CA, Lambert E, Kimmel HL, Hatsukami D, Hecht SS, Niaura RS, Travers M, Lawrence C, Hyland AJ. Comparison of Nicotine and Toxicant Exposure in Users of Electronic Cigarettes and Combustible Cigarettes. JAMA Netw Open. 2018 Dec 7;1(8):e185937. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2018.5937. PMID: 30646298; PMCID: PMC6324349.