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  • Despite being tested with a more intense puffing regime, e-cigarette aerosol showed no acute cytotoxicity in this study when compared with traditional 3R4F reference cigarette smoke.
  • Under the study conditions cigarette smoke demonstrated a dose-dependent response that resulted in near-complete cell death after a 6 h exposure period. In contrast, e-cigarette aerosol showed no decrease in tissue viability following a 6 h exposure, despite appropriate positive control responses. Furthermore, cytotoxicity appears to be unaffected by different e-cigarette formulations as tested in this study.
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  • Citation: Neilson, L., Mankus, C., Thorne, D., Jackson, G., DeBay, J., & Meredith, C. (2015). Development of an in vitro cytotoxicity model for aerosol exposure using 3D reconstructed human airway tissue; application for assessment of e-cigarette aerosol. Toxicology in Vitro, 29(7), 1952–1962. doi:10.1016/j.tiv.2015.05.018
  • Acknowledgement: Louise Neilson, David Thorne and Clive Meredith are employees of British American Tobacco. Courtney Mankus, Jason DeBay and George Jackson are employees of MatTek Corporation, USA. All work conducted was funded by British American Tobacco.