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Richard Pruen

Electrical and electronic engineer

Favorite band: Rush

Why spend so much time on this? It’s a fact that nicotine harm reduction (vaping and Snus) saved my life, this is my way to pay that forward, and pass along information on safer nicotine.

Running a site from the ground up, has proved interesting and worthwhile. Some of the things I have learned about Linux, and configuration of software for servers is only stuff you learn by doing.

I suspect the site will stick around, at least as long as it is required to provide links and info.

I might well put more info of my vaping / thr story here soon, this is just a test edit.

More test edit, and added some features, like babel to indicate users languages.

Site admin at Safer nicotine wiki.

Richard Pruen


Ecig user since 2008, consumer advocate for vaping and THR #VapingSavedMyLife #VapingSavesLives

Twitter @pruenrichard

Comment on R-U FDA review
Comment on R-U FDA review
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