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What is VAEP?

VAEP is an acronym for Vaping Advocacy and Education Project Inc. VAEP was incorporated as a Canadian federal not-for-profit, in 2016, to serve a global community. It was founded to help the public and health professionals to make informed decisions about vaping as a harm reduction strategy. VAEP reviews credible sources such as published scientific articles, statistical data and large surveys to produce learning resources that anyone can understand. All content on is referenced and links are provided.

VAEP Shareable of a controlled clinical trial showing 21% smoking cessation with vaping compared to 6% cessation with patches.
VAEP Shareable comparing vaping to patches

One of the unique features about VAEP are their Shareables. These are images that utilize text, colour, and graphics to teach key vaping concepts easily. Every Shareable provides the reference on the bottom. People use these to communicate their points and bring attention to their social media comments.

VAEP is a grass roots nonprofit founded by a nurse.

VAEP is founded on nursing principles such as:

  • self-directed learning from credible resources.
  • teaching others so they can make informed choices.
  • respecting a person’s right to make their own decisions.

In keeping with these principles, their corporate code of ethics is based in medical bioethics.

VAEP Shareable quoting British Lung Foundation "Experts have reviewed all the research done on e-cigarettes over the past few years, and found no significant risks for people using e-cigarettes. Swapping cigarettes for an e-cig can improve your symptoms of lung conditions like asthma and COPD."
VAEP Shareable quoting British Lung Foundation
VAEP Shareable showing analysis results of vapour were less than 1% Threshold Limit Values, except 2 were less than 5%.
VAEP Shareable showing vapour analysis


VAEP has 3 learning sections:

Basic Vaping Information

Learn from the scientific evidence and credible data sources. This section of 6 pages covers cigarettes, quitting smoking, vaping, outcomes, flavours and nicotine. Read through quickly by reviewing just the Shareables or learn more with the additional text.

Vaping & Lung Injuries

From summer to winter of 2019, an outbreak of vaping-related lung injuries occurred in the USA and to a lesser degree, Canada. The cause was from vaping illegal THC cartridges and had nothing to do with vaping nicotine. Authority, through media, failed to inform the public of the truth resulting in a misinformed health community and public.

VAEP Shareables Gallery

Explore 189 Shareables with their searchable gallery. Shareables come in 2 shapes to suit your favourite social media platforms. Download to your device or share them directly to your social media platform.


Make the truth about vaping common knowledge throughout the general population.


Through advocacy and education, disseminate to the general population accurate and comprehensive information about vaping. Ensure smokers can make an informed decision about vaping as a smoking alternative.


Unify the growing numbers of knowledgeable vapers and their passion for vaping by engaging them in the development and implementation of a population education campaign.

VAEP Shareable showing image of patient with 2019 lung injury holding a sign saying "I want to start a no vaping campaign". Text clarifies that the injuries were caused from illegal drugs and not nicotine vaping
VAEP Shareable showing false narrative

Create support for the effective utilization of vaping within non-vaping populations such as government, non-profit organizations and healthcare agencies by providing access to vaping information and facilitating informed decision making within those groups.

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