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Our Mission

Through advocacy and education, disseminate to the general population accurate and comprehensive information about vaping. Ensure smokers can make an informed decision about vaping as a smoking alternative.

Our objectives

Unify the growing numbers of knowledgeable vapers and their passion for vaping by engaging them in the development and implementation of a population education campaign.Create support for the effective utilization of vaping within non-vaping populations such as government, non-profit organizations and healthcare agencies by providing access to vaping information and facilitating informed decision making within those groups.

VAEP is a grass roots nonprofit founded by a nurse to help people learn the truth about vaping.

After reviewing the scientific evidence, we format the information in a way that anyone can understand it. Please see ourEducationsection to learn about vaping as a harm reduction strategy.VAEP is founded on nursing principles such as:

  • self directed learning from credible resources
  • teaching others so they can make informed choices
  • respecting a person’s right to make their own decisions.

In keeping with these principles, our corporatecode of ethicsis based in medical bioethics.

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