Vape Trade Association of NZ

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What we do

VTANZ’ core mission is to ensure that vaping remains a safe, available, and effective quit-smoking tool.

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E-Liquid manufacturing is a booming industry in New Zealand, with many budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark. It’s more important than ever for us to ensure that e-liquids are manufactured with quality ingredients, and in safe & clean environments.


Vaping is a hot topic right now — both in the news world, and in Parliament — and there is a huge amount of mis-information floating around.


Vendors are the first point of contact for information for many vapers. VTANZ provides vendors with in-depth guides and recommendations to ensure that consumers stay informed, and can be confident that the information they receive is reliable and accurate.


Vaping is a useful tool when used correctly, but it’s still very new. It is extremely important that the long-term effects of vaping are researched so we can make better informed decisions.