Vaping Association Australia

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To be a unified voice for the legitimate vape industry of Australia and assist in the formation of a regulatory system that allows smokers easier access to the most effective NRT method currently available, vaping.


Provide assistance to governing bodies in the establishment of a fully regulated vape industry.

Harm Reduction, providing pathways and understanding in relation to the use, safety, and efficacy of vaping and vaping related products as an effective alternative method of cessation to traditional combustible tobacco products.

Education in increasing societal awareness of the use and benefits of vaping as a cessation method, including, but not limited to, product knowledge and safety, available access pathways in accordance with the current legislative framework, and community education surrounding illegal practices and misuse of vaping products.

Compliance, to ensure all members and providers of vaping products operate within the law and uphold the ethical standards outlined by the organisation.

Advocacy, to work with Federal and State Government bodies alongside regulatory authorities to ensure the ease of access and availability of vaping products for all adult persons wishing to cease using combustible tobacco products.


The Vaping Association of Australia was established for and by members of the Australian vaping industry. The vaping industry in Australia is one that has maintained its status of remaining compliant with all state and federal legislation over its 10+ years of existence, whilst assisting over 500,000 smokers transition to a safer alternative, vaping.

Vape store owners are predominantly run and owned by ex-smokers who have successfully quit smoking with the assistance of vaping, furthering their desire to help others achieve the same.

The Association consists of all vaping-related businesses within Australia, including brick-and-mortar outlets, online retail stores as well as distributors and manufacturers of vaping products.