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About the Vapolitique website

By Philippe Poirson

Vapolitique was born from the desire to transmit information and reflect on the political, social, health and scientific aspects around the revolution of risk reduction thanks to vaping. No income is drawn from the publications of the blog which is totally based on voluntary activity .

The driving force behind this activity is the author's personal intellectual interest in this phenomenon emerging at the crossroads of issues of individual and public health, morals, political conceptions and economic interests in which scientific research is involved, users and actors in the field.

Throughout the articles, Philippe Poirson has become an expert on the subject, more specifically about the situation in Switzerland. The Genevadaily Le Courrier , magazines such as Dépendances , co-published by GREA and Addiction Suisse, the specializedsite Vaping Post , the magazine Vap'You , E-cig Magazine in particular requested him on the subject. He has been invited to speak at Vap'Event, VapExpo and Swiss Vaping Days, as well as with professional socio-health organizations.

He coordinated the EU Nicotine Users Survey with the European Tobacco Harm Reduction advocates, which brings together more than 20 associations of users of reduced-risk products, conducted at the end of 2020 with more than 37,000 respondents. The report in English, French and German on the ETHRA website .

He participated in the survey, led by Sandra Joss, from the University of Bern, on support for smoking cessation in Swiss vape shops, published in 2021 in the International Journal of Environment Public Health in open access. .

The author has no connection of financial interest with the industries economically involved in the subject, namely the pharmaceutical, the tobacco industry and the vaping industry. Living in Geneva, he volunteered in user and / or harm reduction associations, including Helvetic Vape and Sovape . Currently, member of the Sovape committee since February 2018.

After about thirty years of smoking, he quit smoking using vaping in April 2014. He has also previously crossed the circles of alternative culture, the building field, studied philosophy, in particular questions of epistemology, and ethnology, known daily journalism the Courier , and experienced self-support groups of patients ... non-exhaustive list.

Do not hesitate to contact me if necessary.

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