What about nicotine addiction?

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When people use the word “addiction,” they are typically referring to some kind of habitual behavior that negatively affects someone’s health, well-being, and ability to function in life.

Using safer nicotine products does not fall into this category. The more accurate term would be “dependence,” which typically means someone is physically or mentally reliant on a product – but it’s not negatively affecting their life. Many people would admit to being dependent on caffeine, but we wouldn’t call it an addiction because coffee doesn’t ruin lives, break up families, cause financial problems, or pose a threat to health at a population level.

People using safer nicotine products may be dependent on nicotine, but it’s typically no more problematic than needing that first cup of coffee in the morning. More info here https://safernicotine.wiki/mediawiki/index.php/ENDS_Youth_%26_Young_Adults#Addiction_/_Dependence