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Allen Carr became a qualified accountant in 1958. He was successful in his chosen profession, but his 100 cigarettes-a-day addiction was driving him to despair. In 1983, after countless failed attempts to stop with the aid of the willpower method, he finally discovered what the world had been waiting for – the Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

After leaving accountancy to help cure the world’s smokers, Allen built up a global reputation as a result of the phenomenal success of his method. The organisation he founded is now recognised as the world’s leading authority on addiction.

In 1998, he was invited to speak at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco & Health – the first non-medically qualified person ever to receive such an honour.

his books

Allen Carr 'Easyway' enjoys many devoted supporters as a method to Quit Smoking unaided, Quitting 'Cold -Turkey' is the gold standard for some anti-nicotine devotees in Tobacco Control, thus Easyway would satisfy that faction.

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