Physician's guide to safer nicotine

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John Oyston presentation on safer nicotine (page header image)
John Oyston presentation on safer nicotine

The presentation was originally based on a talk to Canadian physicians but it is relevant to anyone interested in the topic.

Please bear in mind it may contain medical terms and abbreviations you may find this page helpful: Abbreviations it lists the more popular and safer nicotine product specific ones.

The video can be played on this page as a thumbnail, please click the thumbnail and the full screen button to view in full resolution.

Summary of contents: A bullet pointed list with the following points. * People who still smoke know that smoking is dangerous and want to quit. * They have failed to quit because cigarettes have made them dependant on nicotine. Without nicotine, they get withdrawal symptoms and cravings that lead them back to smoking. * Nicotine, separated from cigarette smoke, is a fairly harmless natural substance. * Therefore as physicians we should be advising them about safer sources of nicotine.
A Physicians Guide to Safer Nicotine Products for People who Smoke

Further information can be found searching this wiki or by visiting John Oyston's blog (nicotine and tobacco section)

A few topics that may be of interest follow: