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Smoke free radio network is a podcasting network for vaping and THR

Hosts include:


  • And just who am I? I am many things to many people: husband, father, restaurateur, lover of life and all it has to offer. But just as important is the fact that I am an ex-smoker. I have chosen electronic cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to smoking and want to share with you my journey on how I got started and how far e-cigs have evolved. And what better way to do this than with the power of radio and my love for conversation? I am a believer of free speech, fighting for the rights of those unduly wronged, and calling out those who attempt to stifle the truth. Join me on Smoke-Free Radio where I will clear the air on e-cigs.


  • A vaper of 5+ years, board member of The Vaping Militia for 3 years, my goal with Son of Liberty is to create an army of "citizen vapers". No one should be afraid of their government. Your government should fear you. My hope is to be able to educate and arm vapers with the information they need to fight a bloated corrupt system. They've been pushed aside by corporations and public health organizations that have their own agenda. We can take our power back, but we have to stand together. Come listen to Son of Liberty to learn how.

Fergus Mason #TheVulgarvaper

  • After 25 years as a smoker I switched to vaping in early 2013. Within a few weeks I discovered that the EU and various other clowns were trying to ban everything I’d just bought, and I found myself drifting into e-cigarette advocacy. For over four years now I’ve been speaking up for our freedom to enjoy vaping, and pushing back against the excesses of the public health industry. I’m now the leader of Vapers in Power, the world’s only political party focused on vaper’s rights. If you read pro-vaping blogs you’ve probably seen some of my opinions already; my rants are all over the internet.
  • I don’t believe in trying to find a compromise with anti-vaping extremists. They have no business interfering in our lives and it’s time we pushed their noses out of our business. They’re talking bollocks and we need to let them know that.

Mike Peterson #VAPING & THE MIC

  • I just turned 50, and couldn’t be happier with Vaping! I began my vaping path in 2014 after smoking for 26 years. Co Founded 2 Stone Vaping when my son Alex asked if we could start a company so his friends could have some other flavors to vape and not smoke. After our first expo, and looking around at the vaping area, advocacy became a driving force for me. Reaching out, talking with people, sharing stories and news, trying to help them transition away from combustible tobacco…that’s what it’s all about. Vaping and the Mic will share some national news, events and public topics. However, the main idea is to call various shops in the nation, talk to the owner or manager, get their perspective of what’s happening around them, and to them. Maybe we can piece together a larger picture that might help other people along the way.

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