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These are useful to read in conjunction with Scientific papers and studies, usually relatively simple to understand as they don't have to follow the rigid precise language that traditional studies and papers necessarily have to follow. Don't just instantly dismiss as opinion, these are all well crafted and researched, commonly with links to Scientific papers. Many are produced to generate thought and discussion

Clive Bates regularly writes in his blog the Counterfactual

Prof Michael Siegel has blogged for ~15 years in The Rest of the Story

Prof Brad Rodu writes in Tobacco Truth

Konstantinos Farsalinos

Nicotine Science and Policy(NSP)

Regularly has Harrys blog along with Guest blogsthe blogs commenced in May 2013 and are a very useful reference to trace the increased pace of developing THR to a receptive audience of recent ex-smokers.

Public health matters blog on electronic cigarettes, by public health england

clearing up some myths around e cigarettes

Klaus Kneale, ECigAdvanced Visit ECigAdvanced

Jacob Sullum

is a senior editor at Reason and a nationally syndicated columnist. He a regular contributor to and primarily focuses on the US’s expensive yet ineffective war on drugs. He occasionally turns some of his attention to how vaping is being unnecessarily hampered by overzealous anti-smoking policy and perspectives. Even when not talking about vaping, his stuff is worth reading. It will simply make you smarter about the politics affecting our world.

Reddit’s Electronic Cigarette Subreddit

Isn’t exactly a blog, but it is a great source of stories and perspectives in the community. Often, this community is the first place to catch news in the industry and the quickest way to find out what the community cares about. I visit daily (or more accurately at times, hourly).

Chris Price From ECigarette Politics:

Visit ECigarette Politics Note the sites security certificate is out of date! My job is separating the facts from the commercial propaganda, organising the results, and creating ideas for others to use. To identify the facts takes a bit of digging, so research and commentary by scientists and the well-informed are where I go. Some health resources are also of interest to me. I’m completely uninterested in establishment views, which are usually ten years out of date. Most of my vaping info comes from the 100,000 posts a month on ECF. I haven’t included many of the indispensible resources such as Phillips’ Anti THR Lies or Bates’ Counterfactual as they are known to everyone.

Kings Fund

An independent health-related resource with a lot of NHS-related materials. You can knock the NHS if you like (I wouldn’t), but if you know somewhere better, get thee hence. Lots of pressure on it now, and it is interesting how it adapts to the digital age; although already rather late in that respect. One thing UK gov or health services will never be is pro-active, they are always playing catch-up.


How Many Premature Deaths Have Been Averted by ECigarettes Already – A brave punt by Phillips on how many extra years of life expectancy (aka ‘lives saved’) ecigs are already responsible for. Hope he’s right.