Center of Excellence for the acceleration of HArm Reduction

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What is CoEHAR?

Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction. A unique multidisciplinary center focused on the study of Tobacco Harm Reduction. Innovation, peer-review research, and globalization of ideas are at the core of CoEHAR actions. CoEHAR is the International Center of Excellence for the acceleration of Harm Reduction established in 2018 within the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the University of Catania.

The Center’s main objective is to contribute to the global revolution through a multidisciplinary approach that helps to spread strategies and tools to reduce the harm caused by conventional cigarette smoke.

The CoEHAR council is made up of 40 academics[1], physicians, professors and technical operators of the University of Catania, from all the departments of the university, who work together and in connection with the world to make science and innovation.

CoEHAR includes the existing “Center for Tobacco prevention and treatment (CPCT)”, as well as the clinical setting of a local CRO and a selected network of cell and molecular biology as well as microbiology laboratories and will also act as a coordinating centre at a global level for scientific research, development of tech innovation, consolidation of existing research centers (particularly in LMIC), training and education, networking, and advocacy activities. In addition, the Center also collaborates with the Italian Anti-Smoking League - LIAF and ECLAT, a spin-off founded within the University of Catania to make innovation transferrable.

CoEHAR's mission is to accelerate international scientific research efforts to reduce the impact of smoking on public health, helping to reduce the number of smoking deaths worldwide. Science, development and technological innovation, consolidation of existing research centers, training, education, advocacy and international partnerships are the main activities on which the CoEHAR excellence is based.

Among the most important projects promoted by CoEHAR are Replica and Diasmoke.

Principal Activities

Main assets of the CoEHAR activity are:

  1. HARM REDUCTION is the principle on which our scientific approach is based. The use of alternative tools that are less harmful than conventional cigarette smoke (such as electronic cigarettes, snus and heated tobacco products) can reduce smoking damages. In fact, CoEHAR studies the factors that favor smoking addiction and identifies the most suitable tools for smoking cessation.
  2. Scientific and technological INNOVATION allows us to evaluate and promote solutions that are increasingly effective and less harmful than smoke. A creative and revolutionary scientific approach will guide us in studying the mechanisms that regulate smoking addiction with disruptive determination.
  3. The INTERNAZIONALIZATION of our scientific activities is the solid basis on which we develop the exchange of culture and knowledge. Thanks to a network of international collaborations we are able to create a new global science, shared and controlled, in order to improve every possible application of our findings, with specific solutions for the needs of every single country and territory.

CoEHAR multiple approaches in the fight against smoking are the foundation of its statute. From clinical research to educational projects, CoEHAR performs a holistic strategy to support goals.

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