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The best sound markup in most situations is

{{listen |filename=FILENAME.ogg |title=TITLE |description=DESCRIPTION }}

File types

Before a file can be used, it must be uploaded to either Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Commons sister project. Uploading to Commons is recommended as files can be used by other sister projects. Files being used under fair use provisions must be stored on Wikipedia. The markup is the same regardless of where it is uploaded.

The following sound formats may be uploaded:

Using templates

To the side

Normally, sound files are presented on Wikipedia pages using the Template:Listen or its related templates.

This is an example, displaying common usage:

{{listen |filename=Accordion chords-01.ogg |title=Accordion chords |description=Chords being played on an accordion }}



This template links to an audio file for quick listening. It is meant to be used inline with text, for pronunciations and the like.

{{Audio|name of sound file|text to use as link to soundfile}}


'''Eisenhüttenstadt''' ({{Audio|De-Eisenhüttenstadt.ogg|pronunciation}}) is a town in ...

gives this:

Eisenhüttenstadt (pronunciation ) is a town in ...

Note that a printout of the page will remove the "help·info" bit and give:

Eisenhüttenstadt (pronunciation ) is a town in ...

Setting |help=no disables the "help/info" links. If this is done the template {{inline audio}} must be shown on the page.

Other inline templates

In an infobox

Directly using a file

Normally, sound files are presented on Wikipedia pages using the Template:Listen or its related templates. However, it is also possible to present an audio file without any template.

[[File:Accordion chords-01.ogg]]


The parameter |thumbmay be used to give the file a caption. That will also float the playbutton to the right.

[[File:Accordion chords-01.ogg|thumb|Caption]]

The size of the player can be specified:

[[File:Accordion chords-01.ogg|233px]] Note that the seek bar becomes visible for sizes of 233px and above.

Combining size and caption:


[[File:Accordion chords-01.ogg|thumb|240px|Caption]]

None of these examples provide links to Wikipedia:Media help. Thus, whenever this method is used, the Template:Inline audio must be shown on the page.

Link to a file without displaying it

To link to a description page, put a colon before the prefix.


You can also link directly to the file using "Media:" instead of "File:". This method must not be used solely for a file under a license which requires attribution, such as CC-BY licenses.


In both cases piped links also work.

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