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The THR-CommunityNotes Twitter (𝕏) group is aimed at getting Community Notes related to Tobacco Harm Reduction (vape, snus, HTP, pouches, lozenges, toothpicks, etc.) raised, voted on, and visible against fake facts and disinformation spread by mainstream media and other large entities (e.g. governments and their agencies, WHO).

Raise Notes. Some Community Notes (CN) contributors in the group can raise notes. If you raise a note, please share the link here so other CN contributors can vote it up.

Vote on Notes. The ability to raise notes is only available to CN contributors after a certain (vaguely defined) time or achievement has been made. Before then, you can vote on notes raised by others. It's best to only select 2-3 of the reasons offered as being in support of a note.

Please vote for posts you see in the group. If you feel a note is unworthy of an upvote, let the group know what you think would be a worthy note.

A CN member avises: ".. it’s worth putting votes on unrelated content because if we’re all voting the same way on the exact same content all the time we’ll possibly start canceling each other's votes out". Voting on other CNs will also be useful for increasing your CN reputation.

Reporting and Ideas. Some folks are in the group despite not even being eligible to become CN contributors (it takes special requirements like established accounts, and offering up personal contact info), because they're so good at debunking the ideologically driven scaremongering that passes for 'health information' that they can be valuable in identifying instances in need of notes, and help form the perfect text and link(s) for the note.

If you are in the first listed groups, please also do what is suggested for any later groups.

We can use the twitter group to hash out the details of the specific tweets that need to be dealt with, sort the words and links of the note, get them out there, and see our Notes made public to help stem the deluge of misinformation on nicotine and THR.

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