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This is the exception page for {{R from move}}. This page makes exceptions that include certain pages that should not inhabit either Category:Unsynchronized talk page redirects or Category:Redirects from moves. If necessary, new exceptions may be added with no need to edit the main template, {{R from move}}.

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Use this rcat template in any namespace.
#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]
{{Rcat shell|
{{R from move}}
Template {{Rcat shell}} is an alias for the Redirect category shell template, which may be used to add as many appropriate rcats as needed, usually from one to seven, along with their parameters, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation on its template page. This rcat may also tag a redirect individually:
#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]
{{R from move}}
This is in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.
  • Use this rcat to tag any redirect in any namespace that has a page move (rename) logged in their page history (this should be checked at least three pages back into the page history, a check which takes just a few seconds). This tagging has become automated; however, there are still many older redirects from moves that need to be manually tagged by this rcat.



Please do not alter the printworthy settings of this rcat without first notifying the Version 1.0 Editorial Team, who are responsible for any and all materials, including redirects, that go into a printed version of Wikipedia.
  • In main-article namespace, many redirects from moved pages are considered unprintworthy; however, there are many others that are printworthy, so there is no default sort for printworthiness. In 2003, efforts were begun to support the Wikimedia Foundation's goal of increasing access and availability of Wikipedia articles in printed versions. Some rcats automatically populate either Category:Printworthy redirects or Category:Unprintworthy redirects by default. Others, like this rcat, do not, and that means it is up to editors to choose which of those categories, Printworthy or Unprintworthy, is appropriate and should be populated. The rcats that are used separately to populate those categories are:
Please click on each one for more details and guidance.
{{Rcat shell|
{{R from move}}
{{R printworthy}}
{{Rcat shell|
{{R from move}}
{{R unprintworthy}}
Either {{Redirect category shell}} or its alias/shortcut, {{Rcat shell}}, may be used.

Error detection and correction

Whenever page moves result in the inadvertent talk page redirect that targets a different page than the talk page of the subject-page redirect's target, then the talk page and the subject page will not be synchronized, and this template will also populate:

Moved pages that are exceptions, for example, pages and subpages that redirect to talk pages to centralize discussions, can be added to the {{R from move/except}} page.


Places this redirect in the category [[Category:Redirects from moves]]. It takes no parameters.

Template parameters

No parameters specified

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