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See Phabricator ticket T54564
This rcat should not be converted to the "{{Redirect template}}". In accord with that template's documentation, such a conversion would make this template unstable for use on soft redirects.


Use this rcat template in any namespace.
  • This special redirect category (rcat) template populates Category:Wikidata redirects. It is "special" because at present it is the only rcat that may be used to tag and categorize soft redirects. While similar to {{Wiktionary redirect}}, that template is only used on soft redirects, while Wikidata redirect may be used on all redirects. Add this rcat to a redirect in the following manner:
#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]

{{Wikidata redirect}}
This is in accord with instructions found at Wikipedia:REDCAT.
A typical soft redirect may appear as:
{{wiktionary redirect|(page name)}}

{{Wikidata redirect}}
  • Use this rcat on all redirects in any namespace, hard and soft, from titles that are used as connections to other Wikimedia projects. See the category for examples.


This rcat takes one unnamed parameter, |1=, that may be used when a Wikidata "Q" number does not readily fill in, and you know that it exists on Wikidata. An example would be as follows:

#REDIRECT [[Duval (surname)]]

{{Wikidata redirect|21491525}}

...where the number on Wikidata is Q21491525.

Usage note

The {{Redirect category shell}} template (Rcat shell) is not meant to be used on soft redirects, so it should not be used to apply this template to soft redirects. It may be used to apply this template to hard redirects in the following manner:

#REDIRECT [[(target page name)]]

{{Rcat shell|
{{Wikidata redirect}}
Template {{Rcat shell}} is an alias for the Redirect category shell template, which may be used to add as many appropriate rcats as needed, usually from one to seven, along with their parameters, to a redirect. For more information see the documentation on its template page.


Error detection

This template automatically places redirects that are not linked to Wikidata items in the tracking category Category:Unlinked Wikidata redirects. Please fix these, either by removing {{Wikidata redirect}} or by linking them to Wikidata (temporarily break the redirect, then add as a sitelink on Wikidata, then fix the redirect).


Please do not alter the printworthy settings of any rcat without first notifying the Version 1.0 Editorial Team, who are responsible for any and all materials, including redirects, that go into a printed version of Wikipedia.
  • In main-article namespace, many Wikidata redirects are considered printworthy; however, there are also many that are unprintworthy, so there is no default sort for printworthiness. In 2003, efforts were begun to support the Wikimedia Foundation's goal of increasing access and availability of Wikipedia articles in printed versions. Some rcats automatically populate either Category:Printworthy redirects or Category:Unprintworthy redirects by default. Others, like this rcat, do not, and that means it is up to editors to choose which of those categories, Printworthy or Unprintworthy, is appropriate and should be populated. The rcats that are used to populate those categories are:
Please click on each one for more details and guidance.
  • On hard redirects (never on soft redirects), template {{Redirect category shell}} will accept these rcats just like any other.
{{Rcat shell|
{{Wikidata redirect}}
{{R printworthy}}

{{Rcat shell|
{{Wikidata redirect}}
{{R unprintworthy}}
Either {{Redirect category shell}} or its alias/shortcut, {{Rcat shell}}, may be used.

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