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DIY eliquid

It is easy to manufacture your own eliquid. Many people choose to do this, for varied reasons. In places where it is impossible to get commercial liquid this may be the only option.

A simple recipe for general use is…

60% PG (propylene glycol)

40% VG (vegetable glycerin)

Nicotine and flavour to your liking, ethyl maltol is often added as a sweetener.

The author finds unflavoured, sweetened eliquid to be acceptable and it leaves no residual smell, other than faint cotton candy, that dissipates in minutes. The percentage of PG can be increased, to provide an even more stealthy experience, with less exhaled vapour. Going the other way and increasing the VG content will increase the density and thickness of exhaled vapour.

Note: it is important to use only water soluble food flavour, oil containing flavour will not mix with eliquid, and can be dangerous to inhale.

There is a comprehensive calculator here for creating any recipes you like

Nicotine ’base’ is available from e.g. the uk, and China.

Many suppliers will ship it as VG (vegetable glycerin) or otherwise disguised (we do not endorse this, as high strength nicotine is poisonous, but acknowledge it to be common).

List of nicotine suppliers: nicotine suppliers

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