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Advocacy and consumer groups, research and policy, community hubs and news
Category Name Website Twitter Location
advocacy INNCO @innco international
advocacy NNA @NNAlliance UK
advocacy ETHRA @europethra EU
advocacy CASAA @casaamedia US
advocacy CAPHRA @caphraorg APAC
advocacy ATHRF @THRForumAfrica AFRICA
advocacy C.A.S.A @GoingSmokefree AFRICA
advocacy RELDAT Latin America
advocacy VoV Bangladesh @VoVBangladesh Bangladesh
user NNA Vapers UK @vapersorguk UK
user ACPAN t: - RO
user Acvoda t: @AcVoDa NL
user Aiduce t: @aiduce FR
user anesVap t: @anesvap ES
user ANPVU t: @anpvu IT
user EUforSnus (dead link) #EuforSnus EU
user Greek Vapers Community t: @GreekVapersClub GR
user je défume t: @JeDefume FR
user IG-XR t: @ExRaucher_IG DE
user IG-ED t: @ig_ed DE
user bvra t: @BVRAeV DE
user M.O.V.E. @EscrigCarmen international
user NNA Estonia t: @NNA_Estonia EE
user NNA Swede t: @AtakanBefrits SE
user Nikan t: @Nikan_Norge NO
user Norsk Dampselskap t: @NorskDamp NO
user OHMS DO VAPOR t: @ohmsdovapor PT
user sovape t: @sovape_fr FR
user Vapers Finland t: @VapersFinland FI
user Electric Vapor Association t: @ HU
user Slovenian Vaper Association t: (Dead Link) @ZVSLO SI
user A.C.E.A.F Vape @ TU
user ARDT Iberoamérica @ardtiberoameric NALA
user AsoVape Colombia t: @AsoVape CO
user ÖDC AUSTRIA t: @OEdcAt AT
user Association of Vapers India @vapeindia IN
user Campaign for Safer Alternatives @goingsmokefree AFRICA
user Cyprus Vaping Assoc @ CY
user ECST Thailand @ThaiVapers_ECST TH
user Helvetic Vape t: @helveticvape CH
user Pro-Vapeo Mexico t: @provapeomexico MX
user ASOVAPE Peru @asovapep PE
user ASOVAPE Argentina @AsovapeAR AR
user The Vapers Philippines @VapersPH PH
user THR Brasil t: @thrbrasil_org BR
user THR Kenya @THRKenya KE
user THR Malawi @THRMalawi MW
user THR Nigeria t: @thrnigeria NG
user Belgische Damp Bond t: @ BE
advocacy THRA Canada @THRA_CANADA CAN
user Veipum Lifum @ IS
advocacy TTHRA @ TW
user Aotearoa Vape Community Advocacy @avcanz NZ
user KHRA t: @ KR
user ASAP @QuitSmokesASAP PK
forum /r/ecig - international
forum ECF @ecigaretteforum international
forum Vaping Underground #Vapingunderground international
forum Vapor Talk @VaporTalk international
advocacy Snus Forum t: @snusforumet SE
news V360 @Vaping360 US
news RegWatch (Brent Stafford) @RegWatchCanada CAN
news Feeds/Archive (Honesty Intuitive) - DE
news Vaping Today t: @VapingToday -
news/review &


Ecigclick @EcigClick UK
news E-Cig Magazine t: - FR
news Vapolitique t: @VapolitiqueCH FR
news Vapoon Netgaze t: @Vapoon_de DE
news FilterMag @filtermag US
advocacy Right2Vape - international
advocacy APTHR Media #apthrmedia APAC
advocacy @Tobaccoharmred1 international
advocacy WeVape @WeVapeUK UK
research Dr. Michael Siegel @mbsiegel US
research The Clive (Clive Bates) @Clive_Bates UK
Research Marewa Glover NZ
research Prof. Brad Rodu - US
blog VapingLinks (Vaping it) @VapingIT -
blog Ashtray Blog @inijames UK
blog Anti-THR Lies (Carl V. Phillips) - -
blog E-Cig Politics - -
youtube GrimmGreen @GrimmGreen US
youtube HunkyVape @HunkyVape US
policy SCOHRE @SCOHREOrg international
policy NSP #nicotinepolicy international
policy TobaccoReporter @tobaccoreporter -
policy GSTHR #GSTHR international
event Scientific Summit on THR - GR
event GFN @GFNicotine international
event E-Cig Summit - UK
docs Safer nicotine wiki @saferwiki UK/International
docs CASAA articles [CASAA Research...] - US
docs AEMSA articles - US
docs Wolke101 t: - DE
vendors UKVIA @Vaping_Industry UK
vendors SFATA @sfataorg US
vendors AVA @VaporAmerican US
vendors CVA @thecvaofficial CAN
vendors VdeH @VdeH_Verband DE
Advocacy The Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous
Sovereignty & Smoking
(Marewa Glover) NZ
vendors Vape Trade Association of NZ @vtanewzealand NZ
vendors Indonesian Persnl Vapor Assoc (Dead Link) - ID
comm/advocacy VAEPworld @VAEPworld international
diy Flavour safety - US
doc Coil compatiblity list - US
video sCOPe21 archive - APAC
user Vaping Saved My Life @VSML_SA SA
Advocacy Respect Vapers Ireland respectvapers IE
Research Oxford Tobacco Addiction Group (OXTAG) Oxford_TAG UK
Research UCL (University College London) Tobacco Alcohol Research Group (UTARG) UCL_TARG UK
Research Cancer Research UK CR_UK UK
Research NHS UK Vaping Advice - UK
Research KCL (Kings College London) Nicotine Research Group KingsNRG UK
Policy NCSCT (National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training) - includes vaping in training courses for medical professionals NCSCT UK
Policy ASH UK (Action on Smoking and Health UK) - very sympathetic to vaping - unlike their counterparts AshOrgUK UK
Advocates Legalise Vaping Australia LegaliseVaping AU
Advocacy Vaping Association Australia @TheVapingAssoc AU

Just edit away if you feel something is missing. Don't refrain from self-promotion. Categorization just for grouping. (Albeit not sure on the consensus on vendor listings; probably to be moved into separate page/table later.)